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Newton Wharf

This 12ft layout is on loan to the club from Jeremy Burrows who bought it from another club. The arrangement is that at such time as we ‘retire’ it, the layout is sold and the cash split 50:50.

The initial intention was to correct some wiring issues but otherwise develop the layout as designed. Some work was done, but it was decided that a better approach would be to bring the layout more up-to-date with DCC etcetera – unknown when the layout started - and servo operated point motors.

Initially some of the track and points had to be repaired or replaced and then a significant amount of work had to be done to ensure complete electrical continuity throughout the track. This involved installing a busbar arrangement with multiple droppers onto the busbar to connect the many isolated track sections. Presumably these track section were not inter-connected originally so that they could be controlled/powered individually but the result was that considerable work has been necessary to make it workable.

The next phase has been to electrify, using servos, some 16 points on the front face of the layout. This was done using 5 x control panels which were built using MERG servo control kits. Building these PCB panels was a new experience for me but proved to be an interesting soldering exercise with a number of new lessons learned. The servos were mounted underneath the layout board using MERG servo brackets Unfortunately these proved to be very fiddly to mount and adjust in order to operate the points successfully which leads me to feel that other arrangements, for example,  the LooLee recommended aluminium channel mount or the PECO servo mount, might be better in future.

New control panels have also been built to control the points.

Work has recently turned to landscaping the layout but this is in its very early stages. One ambitious area being worked on currently is a section that includes a canal basin with canal boats moored within it and surrounded by leisure facilities all inspired by the canal area in Birmingham. The first 6 boats have been completed and launched but maybe a few more are needed to fill the basin further. They were built from “Scalescenes” downloads, were fiddly to produce and difficult to achieve a high enough standard but I have been unable to find an alternative source so far.

The future workload for the Newton Wharf layout is likely to be dominated for some considerable time by this landscaping work with hopefully just occasional periods set aside for running trains around the circuit. I will keep our web site updated with progress.

Newton Folly

Bingham Road